You can become stronger in a crisis

Our newspaper explained at length that day what measures the government was taking to help preserve employment and prevent mass layoffs. Since then, it has also become clear that travel and housing support and the program from public employment to the private sector are also available this year. Travel assistance can be used for six months if the place of work is different from the place of permanent residence. If this means a distance of between ten and sixty kilometres, then for every ten kilometres, the persons concerned may receive an amount equal to five percent of the minimum wage. Those who work at a distance of at least sixty kilometers from their place of residence can live with housing support for six months. They can use a maximum of 162,400 HUF per month to rent their apartment. Those who leave public employment can use a monthly work allowance of 45,600 HUF. This continues as long as the general employment relationship of the injured parties exists.

Corporate support

Support for small and medium-sized enterprises exists in two areas in the high interest rate environment. One of them is the Széchenyi Card programme, for which CHF290 billion in government aid is available this year. This means very favorable constructions with an interest rate of five percent. It is an extension of a tried and popular option that started in 2002. As a result, 603,000 loan applications have been accepted so far, and nearly 433,000 deals have been created. Thanks to all this, small and medium-sized local businesses can access 5,900 billion forints in discounted financing.

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This sector is also protected by the interest rate cap, which affects approximately 2,000 billion HUF in loans and 60,000 businesses. Thanks to this, the companies involved can save about eighty billion HUF in total.

advantageous position

There is a close link between encouraging investments, building energy capabilities, and maintaining export-oriented growth. Hungary offers one of the most attractive business environments for foreign investment. It is no coincidence that, with the exception of Germany and China, only the three major German luxury car brands, Mercedes, Audi and BMW, will have production capacity in our country. This is also the reason why the world’s largest companies producing batteries for electric vehicles have brought their investments here. Those who are now in the political crossfire of Hungary.

There is great competition for these developments all over the world, and the United States is trying to attract these investments through a massive subsidy program. Our country is in a very advantageous position, we can be the winners of the automobile revolution. However, this requires energy. That is why Viktor Orban announced that we will build gas-fired power plants, because large industrial centers will need them. The country’s energy strategy states that we produce as much as we can at home.

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