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You can apply for the right to rent a restaurant in the Móra . Museum

You can apply for the right to rent a restaurant in the Móra . Museum

This was decided by the City Assembly’s Finance and Wealth Management Committee at its meeting on Wednesday.

The castle garden used to house a catering unit called Beer Garden, but the tenant’s contract expired last fall. Now they are looking for a contractor for another five years to run

Over five hundred square meters of rental property. The winner of the tender can rent the area from May 1 until April 30, 2027. The contract may be extended once for another period of not more than five years.

The winner must pay HUF 450,000 net per month for 69 square meters of server space and 452 square meters of guest space, and must also undertake to pay rent commensurate with the volume of sales, which may be at least 5 percent of the monthly net sales of the business .

For years, there was a pub called Lejtő in front of the Móra Museum, run by the Márton Ludányi Company. Last year they could no longer open it in the old place but they could run a pub called Beer Garden in the renovated castle garden. The contractor says the summer brought exceptionally good sales, however it is good that the season closed at zero.

He considers the current call unrealistic, so he has not yet decided whether to make a new request to the site. The biggest problem with Castle Garden is that since it has no interior, the weather is a very important factor, so there are no guests at all in rainy weather, for example. She operates several restaurants in Szeged and outside the city limits, so there is a lot of work ahead of her. Castle Garden is a good place anyway, liked the management of Beer Garden, but he says the tender conditions expect a lot from entrepreneurs.

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