You can also get 1 million fizu for Netflix

The home office trend brought on by the coronavirus has become so popular for many that many people now prefer to work from home. Well, for those who are looking for a fun and well-paying job that can be done from home, we recommend Netflix. Yes, in a job that can be done from home

You can even get paid millions within the ranks of Netflix.

Let’s see what can and should be done for this restaurant. the daily Mail Recently, in an article, he picked home office jobs compiled by the international company TollFreeForwarding, among them Netflix. According to the group, more and more people are looking for jobs that can not only be done from home but also earn good money. Netflix offers this too.

Netflix tags software

One of the most interesting functions is the so-called Netflix tag. The essence of this is that someone is sitting at home, watching content, rating movies and series. So, you can make about £20 an hour, which is roughly 8,800 HUF (at least in the UK). The task is that after watching movies and series, you have to provide the program with different titles, so that others will find it easier based on this. That’s why we sometimes see weird labels like “disappointing” or “sad” within the series.

Obviously, the disadvantage of this is that we often have to watch content that we don’t want, and of course we have to absorb everything completely. So, after all, it’s a job, not just a pleasure. The hourly wage of 8800 HUF is definitely worth it. This can mean up to HUF 1,400,000 per month for an 8 hour day Monday to Friday job.

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General job application It could be on the Netflix jobs page, but of course they pounce on opportunities very quickly. It doesn’t hurt to check back here often. By the way, not only Netflix, but also other streaming providers like HBO Max or Disney + are looking for employees in a similar position.

Another home office

If you’re looking for a home office job but don’t like Netflix very much, don’t worry. According to TollFreeForwarding, there are other options. This is a virtual assistant position, where you perform administrative tasks online. In the audio description function, we have to write text based on the audio files. So the future belongs more and more to home office jobs, of course only to those who really like to sit at home.

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