You are important to me – we only recommend Netflix movies to the nervous system

It’s infinitely exciting and frustrating for the important or me (I care too much). The criminal satire shows a battle between a rogue guardian and a Russian mobster, and we can’t decide which of these two sociopaths to get rid of first…

For some mysterious reason, people have always been delighted with stories of scammers, rogues, among which we have now come across another gem. The you are important to me While it’s not a new production (it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2020 and was released by several streaming providers last February), it fits perfectly with Netflix’s behind-the-scenes tricks (The Tinder Cheater, The Heiress) , etc.

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Marla Grayson, as a state-appointed trustee (Rosamund Pike) builds his career on frail seniors: With the help of a corrupt doctor and a superficial judge, he forces wealthy retirees into a nursing home and then frees them from their remnants without remorse. Proud that he is not a church door, right at the beginning of the film he summarizes his philosophy on life, according to which there are two types of people in the world: a predator and a prey, a lion and a lamb – and he is a lion.

It plays the role of a lion perfectly even one of its prey (Diane West(It turns out that the aunt is nothing but a notorious Russian gangster, Roman Luniov)Peter Dinklage) Mother. At this point, the movie moves into a very exciting but infinitely frustrating criminal satire.

The sociopath uses every means possible to get him out of the story victorious, and we can’t decide which one we want to go to hell first. Where we wanted to turn off the TV, we cut the remote control to the screen, but the screenwriter and director J. Blackson He did a good job because in the end we couldn’t stop the movie. The heroes also expose themselves: they play with the genius of disfigured criminals to portray Rosamund Pike Golden GlobesAlso received.

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the whole movie here Obsession here It can be viewed and previewed here:

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