"You and your husband are doing more harm to this country than anyone else!"

“You and your husband are doing more harm to this country than anyone else!”

On the Facebook page of director Arpad Schilling, d. Because of Andrea Varconi’s lifestyle tips. (Juli Mészáros has read the book Celebrity so you don’t have to.)

Arpad Schilling

Photo: Great Zagona / schillingarpad.com

According to Schilling, Andrea Varconi is completely blind to why people sit tired in offices – it is alleged that Farconi once represented her daughter that she must learn not to become one.

“These people work in that public institution and suffer because the king does not despise them, not like you, and this small-minded man who – with you – wants to convince the world that his talent has brought you where it is from its role in the privatization of EU aid. Andrea, you are not alone, there Few people mess around with billions, but at least you already have a good feeling that you’re not poisoning your infinite luck with workers,” Schilling wrote.

The director also disputed Farconi’s statement that: “Society does not produce pumpkin men,” because single mothers raise their sons a “totimote character.” According to Schilling, there is no sympathy in Mizaros for women abandoned by their husbands who raise and work alone.

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