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Yoshida: Final Fantasy XVI's development in a straight line

Yoshida: Final Fantasy XVI’s development in a straight line

We haven’t really heard about Final Fantasy XVI since its announcement, for which the series’ producer, Naoki Yoshida, has already apologized. In an interview, he now stated that the work is already over.

The latest installment in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI, intended exclusively for the PlayStation 5, has been revealed in 2020, so you won’t hear about it in any way for a year and a half. Although work is going well, Square Enix did not allow a Tokyo Game Show last year, and then Naoki Yoshida personally apologized to fans for the silence, saying they were half a year behind schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This appears to have been confirmed by the producer’s recent interview with the Uniqlo special about the Final Fantasy clothing line. In it, Yoshida said that they are already on the right track in the development streak, and thus can deliver on their promise last year that they are already showing something out of the game this spring.

Yoshida also sums up the spirituality behind the development in a few sentences: “As a single-player game, Final Fintasy XVI aims to unify the story and gaming experience. Unlike online games where multiple players appear simultaneously, Final Fantasy XVI has one focal point that makes the story More immersive. And I think this story goes in depth. I hope that players who grew up realizing how our society works and walked away from Final Fantasy, believing that real life isn’t as simple as a video game, can bring back their old enthusiasm. We make the game with that in mind. “.

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