Yetel Hungary has announced very important news for Hungarians, you should know about it right away

This is important for you to know.

Yettel Hungary has renewed its billing fees from Thursday, and the service provider has informed the public in a press release. As the company explained in its recent announcement, the new Prime + tariffs with unlimited domestic data already offer subscribers unlimited download and upload speeds, and the data limit that can be used in the EU is increasing compared to its predecessors. This is available without a device, with 11 months of loyalty, from a monthly fee of HUF 11,990.

And what about the biggest Yettel Prime Max+ tariff?

In addition to full unlimited data traffic, voice and SMS, this tariff also includes the NetPajzs service for free. Furthermore, we were able to learn from the newly published announcement that there are many advantages to Prime + trifas. It is important among these many device services and exclusive offers.

In addition, there are other novelties. the after+ Tariffs offer more mobile data than before, i.e. 5, 25 and 50 GB. Moreover, additional data tickets are replenished and contain more data amount than before.

In the announcement, Yettel, which recently celebrated its first birthday, announced that its mobile network served more than 370 million gigabytes of data traffic in the first year, and that its last measured monthly traffic had increased by 40% compared to last month. April. 2022. They also announced that they have started a network modernization project worth tens of billions of forints.

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