Yes, you can see that over there, a water-filled condom on the model's hand

Yes, you can see that over there, a water-filled condom on the model’s hand

About clothes, shoes and other things on display at fashion shows About accessories People inevitably feel that the models are showing things that the average person would never wear as streetwear. But not even the average person often.

In comparison, at first glance, the collection that the Caribbean-inspired Potter brand presented under the name Aqua Wear at current Paris Fashion Week was not only decent, but almost boring. A simple and monochromatic blue long jacket, with pants of the same color, might seem at most a bit odd to a superficial observer.

Mermaid atmosphere. Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP

But if you look closely at the photo, you may notice that a strange bluish rubber band has also been drawn on the model’s hand. Yep, you actually got the joke in the title: Condoms are full of water. They know you’re like high school dorms teen comedy The director would be a Hollywood producer who would consider that kind of thing cool.

However, the designer couple, Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, didn’t use the water-filled condom pad as a joke: According to them, the model brought “mermaid atmosphere” to the catwalk. Anyway, they had customized solutions focused on water: From the report it turns outAlthough they often use recycled plastics in their collections, they try to go further with using natural materials such as seaweed and algae. Moreover, before the exhibition, lemonade was served in an edible capsule made of algae. The news did not say what the lemonade was made of.

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