XCloud has completely switched over to the Xbox Series X.

XCloud has completely switched over to the Xbox Series X.

TV apps are also being developed for Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

Another great teacher Achieve xCloud, part of Microsoft’s cloud game playback service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, now uses Xbox Series X hardware to play console games.

Image is for illustration purposes onlySource: Microsoft

The data centers in service were originally based on the Xbox One S hardware, and the transition to next-generation hardware brings higher resolutions and frame-rate gaming, more economical playback, and of course compatibility with games no longer seen in the previous – generation Xbox One.

At the same time, of course, Microsoft will continue to work to make the cloud gaming service as widely available as possible, after mobile devices and PCs, it will be available in principle from Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles this year, and smart TV applications may appear after that.

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