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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Could a popular multiplayer game leave the service soon?!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Could a popular multiplayer game leave the service soon?!

Surprisingly, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play multiplayer are unexpectedly leaving the service in the near future…

Electronic Arts’ Rocket Arena will soon be removed from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play. The 3v3 multiplayer shooter has been available on PC and other major gaming platforms since 2020. Rocket Arena received positive reviews that year. Although it gathered a very strong player base upon its release, the numbers later dwindled. This, according to many, may be one of the reasons for its upcoming removal.

It’s very common for games to leave Xbox Game Pass, and due to the nature of the service, many titles are rotated, so players get a new experience.

However, there are older titles that become the basis of the subscription. These have almost always been available for the longest time. What’s even more surprising is that services like EA Play and Ubisoft+ usually make older titles available from their libraries to regular subscribers.

TrueAchievements reported that Rocket Arena will also be leaving Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play. EA’s website confirms that Rocket Arena will leave Playlist and Game Pass Ultimate on November 14, 2023, which is today. They did not say why the game was removed from both services. Some users in the comments section speculate that the game server being shut down is the reason behind this. It has been two full years since the developers updated the title with the introduction of Season 4 in 2021. Hence, most people believe that the closure is inevitable.

Upon release, many fans had high hopes for the game, with some players stating that Rocket Arena could be the next big multiplayer shooter.

Most players said it looked like a mix of Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. It is true that although comparisons exist, there are many factors that determine the success of a game. Among other things, accessibility and the number of concurrent players. Not to mention, games like Valorant, Overwatch 2, and others dominate the multiplayer shooter scene in a big way. It’s an oversaturated genre with a lot of competition.

However, even if the game leaves Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, it will still be available for purchase. So players can still grind scores if they want to add some points. Unlike other shooters like Halo, which take a very long time to complete, Rocket Arena’s achievements can be completed within 60-80 hours of play if players have the time. Hopefully the server shutdown is just a rumour…

source: Real achievements

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