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Wrestling: Vojvodina Wrestling Academy delivered in Magyarkanizsa

On the occasion of the Nándorfehérvár Triumph Memorial Day, on July 22, the Vojvodina Wrestling Academy, built in Magyarkanizsa with the support of the Hungarian government, was officially handed over.

The academy building has an area of ​​about three thousand square meters (Photo: Pannon RTV / Molnár Ádám)


Szilard NemethThe head of the Hungarian Wrestling Association described the exemplary cooperation between the Hungarian and Serbian states, thanks to which the academy was built, in the words of Ferenc Kolci.

“The greatest power by itself cannot do everything, in my opinion, it cannot do much: and for combined forces it is often the seemingly impossible.”

“Good-neighborly relations are in the long-term interest of both countries, and this is a milestone in the sporting life of Vojvodina.” – said Nemeth, who said that by building the academy, in addition to promoting sports life, it will also have a stimulating effect on education and tourism in the region, and this will open up new opportunities for the region. The head of the Hungarian Wrestling Federation also spoke about the fact that thirty percent of the medals in the national championship of Serbia were won by competitors who speak the Hungarian language: there are 250 boys and 50 girls from Vojvodina in the country.

Szilárd Németh read a letter from Prime Minister Viktor Orban stating that a few decades ago it seemed like a daring dream to build a Hungarian facility in Vojvodina, but that we Hungarians are known to the world by taking on tasks from time to time that seem impossible to do many. It has been proven that our passion for Hungarian sports can unite us across borders. I am convinced that thanks to this high-quality facility we will proudly remember the gladiators who started from Magyarkanizsa on their triumphant journey.

Zeljko TrajkovicThe Serbian Wrestling Federation president described the day of the academy’s handover as historic, adding that their mission is to work with their fellow Hungarians to ensure the best possible outcomes for youngsters for better results in the future.

Istvan PashtorThe Speaker of the Parliament of Vojvodina said that this was a happy day “Because we managed to achieve something that no longer exists in the scenario of individual life, society and wrestling. It is special because we gained strength, built relationships, came up with ideas, found supporters, accumulated the will and knowledge that made the idea a reality, and as a result, we are here today.” – Pásztor, who emphasized the role of Zoltán Bálint, director of the academy, said that after 21 months of laying the foundation stone, the building has been completed and young people can move into the institution soon.

“We will raise new Olympic champions here because such an institution interests the children so much. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the two countries, Serbian and Hungarian wrestling can develop as well” – Tell Before that, Stefanik, President of the Serbian Sports Federation, who won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Zentai Nobel Victor, who became world champion as a member of the Serbian national team in 2017, said that this academy is a new opportunity for young people not given to them, but to existing children, and he hopes they will take advantage of this opportunity to do so.. terms of competitions.

“I am sure the new heroes will come out of here in the near future.” Said Nems, whose twin brother Matthew is a medalist at the Tokyo Olympics.

As part of the official offer Farga Anna He performed a folk song, and after producing dance music for the duo Alice in WonderBand, attendees were able to see the Streamlet Art Association’s contemporary choreography. At the opening, future academy members also showed their knowledge.

Near the end of the official delivery Jovica Muzilovic Pope and Stephen Palatinos The parish priest parked the building.

from Hungary Peter Baksa, was present at the event as a representative of the World Wrestling Federation, and there was also László Csaba Sule, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vojvodina Wrestling Academy, and Csaba Hegedűs, Péter Bácsi, Balázs Kis, István Kovács And Mihaly Diak Bardos, former Hungarian wrestling franchises.

The Vojvodina Wrestling Academy was built thanks to the cooperation of the Majjarkanesa local government, the Hungarian National Council of Vojvodina and the Istvan Kuzma Wrestling Academy of Hungary, with the support of the Hungarian government in the amount of HUF 1.273 billion. The area of ​​the academy building is about three thousand square meters, and the building contains a gym of 800 square meters, a dormitory with 49 beds, in addition to an office space, a medical room and a gym.

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