Wrestling: Victorious at the Osváth-Nagy Noémi international competition in Eger

The international competition called “Flatz Austria Open” was held for the 30th time in Wolffort, Austria.

As in every year, Hungary was represented in the contest. Twelve countries were interested in the women’s competition. The team, led by Chapa Gyurasets and Richard Ligeti, can compare their skills with Finnish, Swiss, Czech, Austrian, Spanish, French, Canadian, German, Dutch, British and Slovak athletes. Among our products: Róza Szenttamási with a weight of 55 kg, Gerda Terék with a weight of 57 kg, Karolina Pók with a weight of 68 kg, and a 72 kg Noémi Osváth-Nagy (Egri Váérosi Sports School-KIMBA) Veronica Nikos, weighing 76 kilograms, also did not find a winner. All five were awarded a gold medal during the announcement of the results.

With two more silver and three bronze medals, as well as two point-scoring positions, the Hungarian women’s team took first place in the team points competition.

Our women’s results:

50 kg: 4. Bianca Ft
53 kg: 2. Vivian Matte
55 kg: 1. Szenttamás rose
57 kg: 1. Terek Gerda
59 kg: 3. Victoria Borsos
62 kg: 3. Suleiman Yasmine
62 kg: 5. Hanna Kobaz
68 kg: 1. Carolina Buck
68 kg: 3. Terek Fruzsina
72 kg: 1. Noemi Asfath Nagy
72 kg: 2. Zsofia Virág
76 kg: 1. Veronica Nikos


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