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WRC Games are about to change the era, just like the sport itself, accordingly generations are pushing the throttle to the limit for the last time.

The last race

French kiloton race In 2015, it secured the license rights to the FIA ​​WRC (World Rally Championship), but the studio, which was still relatively new at the time, didn’t get off to a bright start. Built on its own technology, the first two WRC games didn’t hit the average level, with outdated visuals and even more outrageous physics. However, the developers constantly worked on the series, and two years later, with WRC 7, they achieved a feat that everyone was already thinking about. After a year’s absence – and even more work – the rally continued, and the WRC Games quickly absorbed the less crowded competition. The WRC . generations By the looks of it, the primary goal was to finish the series as best as possible, as this is Kylotonn’s last rally – starting next year, licensing EA games You will own it.

The creators have not even hidden the fact that Generations is being brewed up as a kind of “all-in” game, a summary and culmination of everything the studio has achieved in the past seven years. This is not why it is called WRC 11, nor because, in addition to the contemporary rally field, legendary cars are also represented in good numbers. So the goal wasn’t to reinvent the wheel, but rather to put everything in it, summarize their work so far, and put the best and greatest rally game on the table.

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Because of the above, at first glance, WRC Generations looks more like a polished and expanded version of the previous parts than an entirely new game. And not for a second, since it’s not really, on the contrary, it contains almost everything that the French have created in recent years, as well as all the sites of the 2022 WRC season and the latest racing cars. The content is really amazing: a total of 35 cars (38 including DLC) and an amazing 21 countries with a total of 165 speed stages. In addition to the 2022 race calendar sites, the developers have included almost all the countries that have appeared in previous years, so that we can once again race on such audience-favorite stages as Argentina, Germany, Corsica, Wales and many more, they say. Only three regions have been left out (Australia, China, and Poland), but the game still offers an unparalleled amount of content that dwarfs any other production.

WRC Xbox generations

There is also something new, although generations are more a “summary” than a radical new development. These include, for example, the entry-level hybrid Rally 1 Class cars that mark the beginning of a new era in the history of the World Rally Championship. It’s heavier, and maybe a little slower, than the previous four-wheel drive, but the hybrid drive makes a huge difference (literally at times) in the driving experience. Cars have incredible weight and inertia, and it is difficult to feel when the hybrid drives during acceleration and almost shoots at the car. This requires a different driving style, but luckily the game’s physics and controls are still a perfect blend of simulation and accessibility. It’s so realistic that real rally racers can practice, and it’s so nice to handle that it provides a great experience even with a console in hand. Of course, the other classes (WRC 2 and WRC Junior as well as old legendary cars) are great too, but Generations really shows what it can do in the first class.

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WRC Xbox generations

Another major innovation is periodicals It means almost complete cross-platform support. By completing daily and weekly challenges in League mode, the game categorizes everyone into different categories, so that in the long run everyone can feel successful, regardless of ability. The world rankings are no longer divided into platforms, with PC, Xbox and PlayStation players competing against each other’s time. The same goes for the social part: anyone can join anyone’s club, you can form teams online, create your own leagues, and for the first time, you can even share unique boards with each other regardless of platform. The only thing not supported is live multiplayer, with lobbies only working within the platform, but everything else can be used regardless of device type, so you can finally compete in a community and share content – something the chain has long needed.

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