WPC announced a new wireless standard

Wireless Energy Consortium standardizes Qi charging; New technology means standardized specifications, greater efficiency and more convenient use.

The relatively freely configurable Qi charging will be replaced by unified Qi2 technology in the future. This technology can only be implemented if it fully and in all respects meets the requirements set by the Wireless Power Consortium, so chargers will be able to work with all compatible devices, and on the other hand, new technology guarantees greater efficiency and more convenient use.

Apple MagSafe Duo
Apple MagSafe Duo

Thanks to a magnetic energy profile based on Apple’s MagSafe technology, contact with Qi2-compatible devices is ensured by magnets, so they fit snugly, which means faster wireless charging speed and less loss. The new technology can only be used in accordance with the standard approved by the Wireless Power Consortium for each device, ensuring full interoperability, and in the future, standard Qi2 chargers will be used with all subsequent Qi2-certified devices. The first Qi2 devices and chargers are expected at the end of this year.

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