Wouldn't valor do perfect for you?  - So you can try to help

Wouldn’t valor do perfect for you? – So you can try to help

Sometimes a few clicks are enough.

Since the Fade update, many Valorant users are complaining that the game is not working properly on their PC. Fortunately, in many cases, this drained away in minor tears, but several people reported a complete freeze, which was only helped by a reboot. There is also an edit sub called ValorantTechSupport, Where players gather Tips that may help you with some of the above errors. Not all solutions work for everyone, you may want to test them one by one.

Let’s also look at the two settings that helped the most players!

Turn off HAGS

HAGS, short for Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, is also available in Windows 10 and 11. It can be turned off by default in Windows 10, but it was turned on at the factory by Microsoft engineers for Windows 11. Several users have seen positive results after turning it off . You can turn off HAGS in the “System/Display/Graphics/Default Graphics Settings” section.

Disable fast boot


Another method that worked for many was to disable Fast Boot. Disabling it may maximize boot time, but we don’t have to struggle too much with modern SSDs. Use the following path to access the menu above: “Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Preferences”. Here you need to click on Settings that are currently unavailable and then uncheck Quick Boot.

Of course, it is easy for Valorant to not work properly for reasons other than the above, in which case, unfortunately, the listed methods will not help either. you can try Even with the way we wrote in MayWith it, many players have made significant improvements.

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