Authorities have been searching for the wreckage of the fighter plane since Sunday.

It was announced that the wreckage of the F-35B stealth fighter that crashed in South Carolina was found. In his Facebook post US Marine Corps.

As written, the wreckage was found two hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston in Williamsburg County. The public was asked to stay away from the area and not disturb the investigation.

It was confirmed that the pilot exited at the right time and parachuted to land safely in the North Charleston area. He was then transferred to the hospital and his condition is stable.

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As we reported, the plane took off from Charleston Air Force Base on September 17 according to the previously planned schedule, but during the flight, at 2 p.m. local time, the pilot was forced to eject from the plane. The plane then flew on its own until it ran out of fuel and crashed, making it difficult to find.

(Opening image is an illustration. Photo: AFP/DPA/Harald Tittel)


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