World Speed ​​Skating Championships: Two Dutch and Two American victories

World Speed ​​Skating Championships: Two Dutch and Two American victories

The Dutch and the Americans won two golds each at the World Speed ​​Skating Championships in Heerenveen on Saturday.

Winner of the men’s 1000m Kai Verbegg (Photo: AFP)


In the men’s 1000 meters, local Kay Verby won, and in the women’s race, American Brittany Boy by the same distance. The former won this case in 2019 and the latter in 2015 and 2019 as well.

In the Collegiate Races Finals, 16 contestants ran from two preliminary races, with Joy Mantilla from the United States and Holland Marijky Groenode proving to be the best for the women.

SKEL fast
Global distance range, Heerenveen

A man of 1000 meters
1. Kai Verbig (Netherlands) 1: 08.052 minutes
2. Pavel Kulizhnikov (Russian Ski Federation) 1: 08.313
3. Laurent Dubreuil (Kanada) 1: 08.569
1000 meters ladies

1. Brittany Bowie (US) 1: 14,128 p
2. Jutta Leerdam (Hollandia) 1: 14.672
3. Jelizaveta Golubjova (Russian Ski Federation) 1: 4848

Men’s group start competition
1. Joy Mantilla (United States) 7: 32,470 p
2. Arjan Strottinga (Netherlands) 7: 32.770
3. Bart Swings (Belgium) 7: 32.830
Women’s group start competition
1. Marijk Grunod (Hollandia) 8: 43.150 p
2. Ivani Blondin (Canada) 8: 43.260
3. Irene Scoutin (Netherlands) 8: 43,560

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