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World Speed ​​Skating Championships: Dutch Success in Pursuit

World Speed ​​Skating Championships: Dutch Success in Pursuit

During the chase team competition, men and women alike won a Dutch gold medal, the 500m, and a Canadian and Russian competitor proved to be the best in the women’s speed skating championships in Heerenveen on Friday.

Netherlands tops the chase (Photo: AFP)


In the eighth stadiums of the chase teams, the two Canadian teams remained at the bottom of the list at the end of close fights and won the silver medal, while the Russian Skating Federation team ranked third.

In men, the winner makes up for himself at home Patrick Rust Which, by surprise on Thursday’s opening day, took second place only at a distance of 5,000 meters. Last year, the Dutch also proved to be the best on the field in the chasing team competition, but only this time from the team at the time Marcel Busker She got the role again. One of the Missing is one of the greatest favorites of the Hungarians, Sven Kramer The person who participated was injured on Thursday and thus canceled the Friday team race. instead of Bo Snellink Become a member of Triple World Champion as a pop-up.

The first Dutch woman to win gold and bronze medals at the Women’s World Championships in the 3000m race on Thursday’s opening Antoinette de Young And the Irene Scotin next to Irene and West They formed the team. The latter won the 22nd World Cup gold medal, making her the first among the women, one second ahead of the second Czech in 3000 meters the previous day. Martina Supplicovat. In the last place for women, it was the Germans who ended unsuccessfully to win the Olympic championship five times. Claudia Bishstein The hit of the classic who celebrates her 49th birthday on February 22 has completely sealed the trio’s achievement.

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At 500 meters, the Canadian racer proved to be the best for men and a Russian racer for women.

It is a winner for men Laurent Duprell He claimed his first World Cup victory and took the gold medal last year with Russia Pavel Kolesnikovot Instruct him directly behind. My bronze medal went to a local competitor.

Gold medal for women Angelina Golikova In addition to another citizen, Olga Vatkulina He also came in third place on the podium.

A year ago, Golikova was second and Vatkulina was third. The Dutch host managed to win a medal again – Fimky cook Runner-up – so they have managed to climb to the podium in all six competitions so far in the World Cup and have already won seven medals.

SKEL fast

Men’s passion team competition
1. Holland (Patrick Rust, Marcel Bousker, Bo Snellink) 3: 41,429 percent
2. Kanada (T. Flowers, J. Belchos, C. Howe) 3: 41.711
3. Russian Ski Association (Daniela Simrikov, Sergey Trofimov, Ruslan Sakharov) 3: 42.662

Women’s team competition
1.Hlandia (Irene West, Antoinette de Young, Irene Scoutin) 2: 55,795 percent
2. Canada (I. Blondin, I. Weidemann, V. Maltais) 2: 55,973
3. Russian Ski Association (E. Golubjova, E. Lalenkova, N. Voronyin) 2: 59.358

Men 500 m
1. Laurent Dubreuil (Kanada) 34,398 Rep
2. Pavel Kulizhnikov (Russian Skating Federation) 34,540
3. Dai Dai N’tab (Hollandia) 34,628

Women 500 AD
1. Angyelina Golikova (Russian Ski Federation) 37,141 seconds
2 – Vimke Kok (Netherlands) 37.281
3. Olga Vatkulina (Russian Ski Federation) 37,455

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