It was estimated last week that 1 in 25 people in the UK could have coronavirus, so airlines believe there is no point in testing Codra for the general traveller.

According to travel agents and airlines, mandatory testing for those arriving and leaving the UK is hampering the sector’s recovery from the pandemic crisis, while the Omicron wave has already infected so many people that testing has no real significance. BBC.

Currently, travelers aged 12 and over are only allowed into the UK after a negative PCR or rapid test and are required to have a PCR test within two days of arrival.

While the number of cases per day in the country ranged from 40,000 to 50,000 for the delta variant, the Omicron virus mutation now causes more than 200,000 new daily infections (similar to the United States and France).

The airlines argue that with this figure, there is no hope of “keeping the omicron at bay” by testing, but that maintaining the current strict precautions would have serious consequences for the sector. According to a survey by Manchester Airport Holdings (MAG), pre-departure testing in particular has very little or no effect on omicron spread.

a BBC You understand that the UK government has so far only considered the possibility of omitting confirmatory PCR tests in positive rapid tests.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on January 4 that the spread of the omicron coronavirus strain had caused much less serious disease than previous variants of the virus, and that the British vaccination campaign had been so successful, giving Britain a chance to survive without a complete lockdown. – Caused by a wave of infection.


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