The president of Russia sees distinct imperial problems around the United States.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States faces the problems characteristic of empires, is convinced of its own strength, and is moving along the path of the Soviet Union on a certain scale.

Putin spoke about this in a video conference with leaders of the world’s major news agencies on Friday night at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. It was reported by the TASZSZ news agency at dawn on Saturday.

According to the Russian president, in the midst of US domestic political processes, threats from Congress and elsewhere can be heard constantly directed at Moscow, and the threats seem to be based on the economic, military, and political strength of the United States to do so.

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“As a former citizen of the former Soviet Union, I tell you what the problem is here. The problem with empires is that they seem too strong to withstand simple mistakes and errors.” It solves problems. The Russian president said the problems are growing and there is a moment when they can no longer be dealt with. The United States is going straight ahead against the Soviet Union with resolute steps, confident strides, and resolute steps.

Now the deadly Russian opposition is taking place

After the Russian authorities imprisoned his most famous opponent, Alexei Navalny, he set fire to allies of politicians, the remnants of NGOs, and the independent press.

Vladimir Putin a week and a half later, on June 16 encounter In Geneva with US President Joe Biden. This will be Biden’s first meeting with Putin since taking office. A few hours before a video conference with the leaders of news agencies, Putin said in a panel discussion at the Saint Petersburg Forum that at the Geneva meeting we should try to find a way to improve Russian-American relations. Putin said that there are no differences between Russia and the United States, but the American side does not hide its desire to stop Russian development.