Ultra-nationalist and conservative political forces were also included in the unity government. The coalition must be approved by the Knesset.

Jair Lapid (pictured), head of the centrist Van Atid (Gis Atid) party, succeeded in forming a new Israeli coalition government and informed President Reuven Rivlin in a message.

More than two hours before the midnight deadline, Mansour Abbas, the head of the traditional Islamic Tagammu party, signed his party’s agreement with the government first, then Gideon Sar, leader of the New Hope (Tikva Hadassah) party, joined the party. Multiparty unity government. I reached Lapid, who was responsible for forming the government, to inform Rivlin: his efforts were successful. This is the first time that the country’s Arab minority is represented in the government.

Under the agreement, Lapid will be replaced by his political rival, the leader of the nationalist right-wing party (Jamena), Naftali Bennett, at the head of the government, who will be succeeded by Lapid in the second two years of the rotational cycle. .

The new government can be sworn in within two weeks at the most if it is expected to gain a relative majority in the Israeli parliament next week. The coalition, which was formed after four parliamentary elections in two years, includes left, center and right-wing parties, but the left-wing Likud party led by Benjamin Netanyahu was ruled out. This could end Netanyahu’s 12-year rule.

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