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World of WarCraft visuals revamped in Unreal Engine 5

World of WarCraft visuals revamped in Unreal Engine 5

After 20 years, the world of World of WarCraft is amazing, ahead of the biggest graphical leap in its history, but not thanks to Blizzard.

07.07.2024 – Although World of WarCraft has updated its visuals several times over its 20-year run, it still looks quite shabby – although thanks to its fantasy art style, it can't be described as ugly at all. Of course, the last two decades can be seen, and to some extent, this also has its own charm, but even the most dedicated fans wouldn't mind if something significant finally changed in this area – ideally, even with the presence of World of Warcraft II.

However, Blizzard never gave a hint: the WarCraft universe and its history have been limited to WoW for 20 years, and for this reason, it would be very difficult to continue the story even with the modern WarCraft IV. Perhaps this is why Turtle WoW, which tells the alternate stories of the Mysteries of Azeroth fan extension on alternate servers, is so popular. Turtle WoW is actually home to the oldest and most dedicated warcrafters, which transports you to a WarCraft universe where The Burning Crusade never happened.

The puzzles of Azeroth are based primarily on WarCraft 3 and vanilla WoW, and are mostly focused on Azeroth. Although Flaming Legion didn’t change the circumstances, it still has a lot of content and novelty: new instas, races, arenas, talents, vehicles, zones, and completely new jobs have been added to the original version – however, the biggest innovation won’t arrive until 2025, which will radically transform WoW not only in terms of content, but also graphically.

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Turtle WoW developers will take the entire game and port it one-for-one to Unreal Engine 5.

And this won't be a simple engine change: with UE5, the game's visuals will also improve, and by no means, by any means. Blizzard has never made such a large number of fixes and corrections to WoW with Turte's arrival in WoW: textures have been improved and vegetation has increased throughout Azeroth, modern lighting will come, and with it new light and shadow effects, but you can also count on improved effects – which can be admired in action in the trailer below.

It's also a great achievement, as like the upgraded Tomb Raider and Halo: Combat Evolved, players will be able to switch between the original and upgraded visuals.

World of WarCraft powered by Unreal Engine 5 is simply amazing, and it is a special pleasure that its hardware requirements will not only be friendly, but will also support Android devices and NVIDIA DLSS/AMD FSR upgrade devices. But after all this, there will be a lot of new features, for example, we will be able to use any add-on, the mission diary will be expanded, the field of view will be adjustable, anti-cheat will be updated, and the modifiability will not be modified either. We can't wait (and we hope that Blizzard will see this too)!

Daniel Bodie

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