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World Masters Aquatics Championships Doha – World Masters Aquatics Championships, Doha…

World Masters Aquatics Championships Doha – World Masters Aquatics Championships, Doha…

Top swimmers took to the water in Doha, the capital of Qatar, immediately after the World Elite Championships. Szentesi Delfin ESC competitors couldn't miss the event either, with five swimmers taking part in the Masters Water World Championships.
The competition was held at the Aspire Dome, the same place where the elite competitors swam recently, so that those watching the event could get to know the pool well on television.
Master swimmers came from all over the world to compete. The field pool was large and strong, and this was especially the case in some age groups. 60 top competitors from 9 federations from Hungary participated in the World Championships. The Sintis swimmers fought with all their hearts and souls, and they all performed well.
Eva Poliani: 50 breaststroke, sixth place, 100 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke, seventh place, 100 breaststroke, ninth place, 50 backstroke, 11 backstroke
Laszlo Tare: 200 backstroke, fifth place, 200 medley, sixth place, 100 backstroke, seventh place, 200 breaststroke, ninth place.
doctor. Juliana Berezvai: 200 breaststroke 5th, 100 breaststroke 6th, 50 breaststroke 7th
Roland Horvath: 12th in the 200 breaststroke, 21st in the 200 medley and 400 breaststroke, 23rd in the 100 breaststroke, 28th in the 100 breaststroke.
Sandor Puglia: 50 breaststroke, 31st
Mixed relay 4×50 m: 8th place (László Tari, Dr. Giuliana Berezvai, Eva Tilly, Sandor Puglia)

Competitions continued every day, and sometimes battles continued until 7:30 pm, so there was little free time left to explore this country and its capital, which hides many wonders. We got what we could out of it.
After the all-night flight, we rested a bit at the hotel, took care of the registration procedures, and then learned about the competition venue in the huge and initially unrecognizable Aspire Dome. We trained in the competition pool and in the afternoon and evening we got to know the Doha Souq (Souq Waqif), visited the Museum of Islamic Culture and had dinner in a wonderful Syrian restaurant. The next morning, we tried to recover from the fatigue caused by the flight and the two-hour time difference, and in the afternoon we set off on the great adventure of the desert trip. It was very exciting racing down the sand dunes, sometimes at 130km, other times descending into the depths at an angle of more than 45 degrees. When we were hoping that we would not really go down here, because the front of the car was pointing forward, the driver of the off-road vehicle turned back completely unexpectedly for us and we went down to a depth where we would not have dared to go in our wildest dreams. The bravest can slide down a plastic slide into the depths on their own. Of course, cycling cannot be left out of the program either. We can watch the sunset from behind the sand dunes. After the day off, we competed for 6 days, but in the evening or when we finished early, we were able to experience the many wonders of Doha from late afternoon. We were very lucky, because Erzsébet Og, a Hungarian tour guide living in Doha, and her son Gabor told us with great enthusiasm and with incredible knowledge and love about the history of Qatar, the development of the Islamic religion, their traditions, and the people's outlook on life. And their generous hospitality and the wonderful and purposeful development that the country has witnessed over the past six months. We discovered with them the wonders of West Bay, Katara, the Pearl Island, and Lusail. We rode the tram through the streets of Musheireb and walked along the Corniche. We also saw quite a few stadiums where the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches were held. We spoke with a 90+ year old pearl fisherman about the old breadwinner's work and were enriched with countless experiences during these few days. We were impressed by the many beautiful and unique buildings, the high quality 4-6 lane roads, and the subway the likes of which we had never seen in any country. Prices are reasonable, cheaper, or products and services are priced similarly to ours. In the country of 3 million people, approximately 400,000 are local residents, and the rest have come from more than 150 countries to work and live here. People are kind and helpful. We felt safe and comfortable throughout our stay.

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Sintis, 04/03/2024

Yves Poliani Tilly
Water sports|23


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