World League, Super Final – Women’s water polo team defeated Australia

The Hungarian women’s water polo team made a successful start to the World League Final in Tenerife, beating the Australian team 9-7 on Wednesday’s inaugural.

Newcomer national team captain Attila Peru introduced 16-year-old Kata Hajdu at the meeting, which the Hungarian team started with a goal in the middle through Rebecca Parks, and the Hungarian team increased their advantage with a shot before. Returning captain Rita Kechtelly-Nagy after her break for the European Championships in September. The Hungarians defended brilliantly, after more than five minutes of play, the outside goalkeeper was able to deliver the ball to goalkeeper Alda Magyari for the first time, and shortly before the end of the quarter, they improved.

At the start of stage two, Keszthelyi-Nagy took advantage of the fact that an Australian had fallen behind on his comeback. The opponent came again with a long shot, but Vanda Valle took advantage of her speed shortly after and recovered the two goal difference from the “wrong” side. The Hungarian national team could have had a man advantage, but several errors slipped into the number, and the Australians scored on the counter-attack.

After the break, the two teams battled each other for three and a half minutes without results, and this period was concluded with a draw for the Australians. At that point, the match was more about wrestling, and the opponent was outsmarting it, taking a five-meter advantage – for the first time in the match – so that the ball rolled from the post to the back of Magyari’s head and from there behind the imaginary goal line. Hungarian Zsuzana Mattei’s long silence was broken after she unexpectedly fired on target from a swerve that stunned the Australian goalkeeper.

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At the start of the final eight minutes, which started as a tie – perhaps for the first time during the meeting – the Hungarian team tapped the man with great patience and precision, which gave Parks an advantage. Then, after several good Hungarian defenses, Máté again flashed in the attack and increased his lead with a beautiful long shot. After Vályi’s possession of the ball, Keszthelyi and Gurisatti managed to score two goals on one, and after denying the former the ball, the latter made the score 8-5.

The Australians concluded with two very lucky goals, but Kishtili Nagy calmed his teammates with a five-meter shot and sealed the match.

Attila Peru highlighted on the Hungarian Federation website, that the tournament had already started with the quarter-final match, and the unusual circumstances and time of the morning could not be mentioned in any way.

“Our performance was choppy, there were good times and bad times. Most importantly, besides the victory, the girls followed the most important instructions,” he said. The specialist revealed: In the match, above all, he wanted to see that they wanted to win more in both defense and offense.

“And that’s it! I’m also glad we made it through and in the fourth quarter we outdid our opponent. It’s a pleasure that young Kata Hajdu played very well and played usefully, and I’m also satisfied with Panna Pőcze” – values ​​the captain. Judge Attila Peru also revealed that he is training his team in the afternoon and that they are preparing for the match against the Spaniards, which “of course” will seek victory again.

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The Hungarian team, which won the silver and bronze medals in the World Olympic Games, will meet Spain on Thursday and New Zealand on Friday.


Group B, round 1:

Hungary-Australia 9-7 (2-1, 2-2, 1-2, 4-2)

Top scorers for the Hungarian national team: Kishtili 3, Parcs, Mateh 2-2, Valje, Gorisati 1-1.

in his age:

the group:

USA – Netherlands 9-6 (3-2, 2-0, 3-2, 1-2)

More Hungarian Programs:


Hungary – Spain 14.40.40


Hungary – New Zealand 11.20

Opening photo: MTI / Tibor Illyés

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