Turkish authorities have arrested 184 people so far.

More than six hundred people are already under investigation euronews According to his report, because of the buildings that collapsed in the earthquake that occurred in Turkey in early February. The Turkish Minister of Justice announced earlier that 184 suspects were being held, including businessmen and real estate owners.

Authorities have inspected 1.3 million buildings since the earthquake, and of those, 173,000 were deemed uninhabitable – either because the property had collapsed entirely or because it was so badly damaged that it must be demolished immediately.

The state will pay approximately 10,000 liras (about 190,000 HUF) in compensation to property owners whose homes only suffered minor damage. They are also trying to help those whose buildings have been severely damaged or completely destroyed: they will receive 40,000 HUF per month for a year. Those to be transferred are entitled to a one-time payment equivalent to 300,000 HUF in Turkey.

The earthquake struck 11 Turkish provinces, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, on Tuesday, that 200,000 homes will be rebuilt in one year. At the same time, Erdogan also set a condition: new buildings cannot be higher than four floors.


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