World Hockey Championship: Canada and Sweden are among the top four

World Hockey Championship: Canada and Sweden are among the top four

He might have been a bit excited at the end, but overall the Canadian squad reached the semifinals with confidence after beating Germany 2-1.

The defending champion scored a goal in all World Cup matches this year, and was able to continue this wonderful series against the Germans as well: Ryan O’Reilly Hand the skill over to a target Mark Sheville.

Throughout the match, the outside team held the entire match, as well as the end of the second half Jeff Skinner He was also able to dig a puck ball that spilled out from the goalkeeper. Germany did their best to equalize and less than seven minutes before the match ended Yannick Seidenberg He was able to beautify at a human disadvantage, so the match brought an exciting game. However, Canada withstood the German pressure and reached the semi-finals by smart hockey in general.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has been plaguing Sweden for a long time. Niklas Backstrom However, he hit the upper left corner well in the early third quarter Gaitan Haas Pinch returned between his legs Ekman Larson Hit the yellow and blue gate with a hockey stick pen.

The Swiss national team managed to hold the position 1-1 for a long time, but midway through the second half Larsson made a great start. William Nylander By giving a yard, he regained leadership to the Scandinavians. The final result Alexander Idler Group, a puck ball jumped from the goalkeeper and fired into the goal.

With this, the semi-finals are also being formed, Finland will face Sweden, while Russia will be able to prove against Canada.

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Group Hockey World Cup Quarter-finals:

Canada-Germany 2-1 (1-0, 1-0, 0-1)

Switzerland-Sweden 1-3 (1-1, 0-1, 0-1)

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