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World football at a crossroads: How do clubs emerge from crisis?

World football at a crossroads: How do clubs emerge from crisis?

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the structural problems clubs have faced before themselves in recent years. The effects of the pandemic are devastating here as well, and the more we go down to the bottom of the so-called soccer pyramid (meaning the smaller clubs, the lower classes), the more they are.

a Deloitte 2021 Report The crisis caused by the Coronavirus reduced revenues of the largest clubs by 1.1 billion euros: revenues of the 20 richest soccer cube decreased from 9.3 billion to 8.2 billion. That equates to a 12 percent decrease, but clubs have not suffered equally from the effects of the epidemic.

The lack of spectators, meaning match-day revenues and broadcast fees to be paid to TV channels, has had a different effect on clubs, even within the league, it suffices to see Barcelona’s revenue drop 15 per cent: from 840 million to 715 million. , While its great competitor, Real Madrid, has proven more resistant to impacts: 715 million of revenues could have been recorded in the same way from 715 million last year. The clubs of the Spanish League had to pay about 100 million euros to the TV channels.

The relative majority of the top 20 clubs (7 clubs) were forced to suffer a drop of 11-15 percent, the situation was worse than four, and there were only two teams (Zenit and Everton) where there was no reduction in revenue (in fact, the club managed Increased sales by 29 percent).

Mountains of debt

Some clubs are facing a bigger problem: Barcelona, ​​for example, has accumulated 1.2 billion euros in debt in recent years, but Real Madrid is not far from their Catalan rivals either. With debts of 901 million. Inter’s Chinese owners are only one An emergency loan of € 200 million is being soughtThat the well-established and versatile BEK-BL club could finish the season.

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