After the torrential rains that have hit mainly the eastern part of Australia in recent years, many parts of the northwestern Kimberley region are now, unusually, flooded. Stormy weather continues in California, which has avoided rain for years.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described the floods in the Kimberley region as devastating, and promised that the central government would provide all the assistance. The region, which is three times the size of Britain, according to the BBC in London, received record rainfall this week from Storm Ellie. Although the tropical cyclone has weakened a lot, it still brings a lot of rain to the mainland.

The crisis is exacerbated by the fact that the Western Australian federal state region is home to isolated and remote communities unprepared for such natural disasters. The Australian Defense Force is providing aid via an air bridge to the most affected settlements.

In the northern part of the most populous US state of California, tens of thousands were left without power on Friday as a result of days of rain and flooding. The storm, which is bringing heavy rain and gusty winds, will head south toward San Francisco over the weekend. Rain not seen in decades has already fallen on the West Coast State A state of emergency was declared on Wednesday (Our photo shows a flooded stretch of highway in California.)

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According to experts, more floods and landslides are expected, as wildfires that ravaged summer heat waves in recent years have destroyed vegetation. Up to 60 centimeters of snow is expected in higher elevations, after an average of nearly half a meter fell this week.


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