Andras Domani

Opposition parties that won a majority in the election and are preparing to govern cannot take office until sometime in December, but they showed complete unity at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

Officially, based on the decision of the President of the Republic Andrzej Duda, current Prime Minister Morawiecki is currently trying to form a government, and will appear at the opening session of the new Chamber of Deputies next Monday. Only then – with only 194 seats in the 460-member lower house – was it expected that he would not be able to get a majority for his programme, then the center-right Civic coalition led by future Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the centrist. The right-wing group consisting of the Peasant Party, Poland 2050 and the New Left will be able to run for government.

On Friday, the two parties stressed their continued agreement and determination to cooperate, but at the same time, the cautious wording of the published coalition agreement shows that they do not agree on everything. For example, the document included that “women have the right to decide for themselves,” and that it would “nullify” the Constitutional Court’s 2020 toughening decision, which sparked outrage, but it’s not clear what the legal option is. They see this — because It’s hard to find – and what the new base will be like.

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They will strengthen Poland’s position in the European Union and receive 35 billion euros from the recovery fund, which has been withheld until now. They will restore the shaky legal system, the independence of the courts and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the constitutional functioning of the National Judicial Council and the Constitutional Court. They have promised to increase salaries for teachers and civil servants, and will maintain the social benefits they have promised so far or in their election campaign, and for which many experts believe there is no money in the budget.

They want to depoliticize the public media, which they believe has divided society with its lies and hate campaigns. The way this is done is controversial, for example, participating TV news reporters have been protesting on their own programs for two weeks against the measures against them, which they believe infringes on freedom of the press. The contract talks about the separation of the state from the church, but not about the future of religious education specifically, because the left and the third movement do not agree on that.

Anyone who violates the constitution and laws and makes public institutions partisan is threatened with constitutional accountability. The method and recipients were not detailed, but it is clear from previous statements that they are thinking about the leaders of the government that is still working, the ruling party, and even the President of the Republic. It follows that normal cooperation between the new parliamentary majority and its future opposition cannot be expected.

Since they could not agree on one of the most important personnel issues, the position of Speaker of the Sejm, a compromise was reached: Szymon Holonia, President of Poland 2050, will be Speaker of the Sejm for two years, and Włodzimierz Czarzasty, leader of the New Left, for two years. The next two. The first scandal can already be expected here: the current ruling party, PiS, proposes the former Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Elzbieta Vitek, for the position of Vice President, but representatives of the new majority do not accept her. . They point to the fact that the president has consistently violated internal laws and rules in recent years to benefit her party. On the other hand, if PiS insists on his person, rightly claiming that this nomination is his party’s, and thus in the end the larger faction will not have a deputy speaker of the House, then this is not a good sign for him. the beginning.

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