World Darts Cup: The crowd didn’t come, we drove out of Canada

In the first round, Hungary called in the World Darts Team Championship in Frankfurt, after Master Zoltán and János Végső were out of Canada 5: 2.

Mester Zoltán and Végső János played the Hungarian double against three-time world champion John Bart and John Norman against Canada. Although Part is a big name in the sport, he hasn’t been one of the strongest players in a long time – he could have given us a chance.

In the battle that lasted until the end of the fifth, the Canadians quickly won 3-0. Although Partic wasn’t good at all, they brought in a rough average below 70, but also our average. Outcasts outnumbered the Canadian doubling. (0: 3)

The beauty of the Hungarian national team in his fourth return: a part missed at the end, but Master brought the double 5. (1: 3)

After another losing match, Canada remained at 20 times, but Master was knocked out by 83 and a beautician. (2: 4)

In seventh place better than the back track, dropping came close to 101, but the master made a mistake by a double of 12. The part did not miss and also won the fifth match necessary for the final victory.


The average circuit in Canada was very low, 72.65, but the galactic weakness is weakening, 69.92.

Master and Ultimate received £ 3,000 (1 million 64,000 Ft) after the first round of defeat.

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DARTS, TEAM-WC, Frankfurt
To get 16

2. A nap
Hungary (Zoltán Mester, János Végs) –Canada (John Bart, John Norman) 2: 5

Other results
United StateItaly 5: 1
Austria (7th place)China 5: 0
South AfricaSweden then 5: 3
BrazilSwitzerland 5: 4
Northern Ireland (6)Germany 4: 5
Anglia (2.)Gibraltar 5: 2
Netherlands (3rd place)Czech Republic 5: 1

Results of the first day

2. A nap
Scotland (1) –Singapore 2: 5
Japan-Spain 3: 5
Belgium (8.)New Zealand 5: 2
Thailand-Greece 3: 5
Australia (5th)Denmark 5: 4
Hong Kong-Russia 3: 5
Wales (4.)Finland 4: 5
IrelandPoland 3: 5

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