The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

World Cup Curling Mixed Duos: The Italians are out of the Hungarians

Duo Dorotia Balanxa and Kees went on to perform at the World Double Curling Championship qualifying for the Olympics in Aberdeen on Wednesday by defeating the Italian team.

In 2013 and 2015, the Hungarians defeated the yet unbeaten World Champion in their first match on Wednesday, but in the afternoon they were 6-5 in a twisting match. The Hungarians, who lost in the first end, later led to 2-1, then leveled 2-0 in the seventh end, while the final part went to the Italians.


The Hungarians were eliminated 2/3 from the German national team on opening day on Monday, defeating the Republic of Korea on Tuesday, then losing again to the Canadians. After five rounds, Canada, Italy and Scotland led the index 4/1, while the Hungarians finished sixth in a triple draw.

In the battle, the fights take place in two groups of ten, with the former immediately reaching the semi-finals, the second and third place winners intersecting to reach the four, while the fourth spouses fight over the final quota. If necessary.

The youngsters’ goal is to start the sport’s first five episodes for Hungary, which they have to finish in the best week. Eighth place is only sufficient to qualify if the host country of the Beijing Winter Games, confirmed emerging China, takes first place in the top eight.

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