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World Cup 2026: A joint tournament can be organized between the United States, Canada and Mexico

A joint US-Canadian and Mexican soccer league could be organized as the three countries co-host the 2026 World Cup.

Enrique Bonilla, President of the Mexican League, said such cooperation would have a positive impact on the development of the teams as well as their economic strengthening.

“If we can have a world championship together, we need to think seriously about the joint championship as well.” Bonilla said at a meeting in London. He stressed that before making a decision, they should examine the arguments for and against the plan, but if they fail to agree, in his view, football will forever remain the property of wealthy Europeans.

This year, the Mexican front-line leaders and the leaders of the North American Pro League (MLS) have already reached an agreement, according to which the winners of the two leagues will face off in the Champions Cup (Campiones Cup). In September, the Tigres won their first match of this kind 3-1 against Toronto FC. It is planned that cooperation with the All Star Match will be expanded in the future.

Currently, of the two tournaments, Mexicans rank higher: the CONCACAF Champions League, which brings together teams from North and Central American countries, has won all 10 entries so far by a Mexican team, while MLS has given away only three finalists.

In June, the International Football Association Board (FIFA) awarded the right to host the 2026 World Cup to the three countries, whose joint competition proved to be better than Morocco. As of now, that tournament will be the first World Cup to feature 48 teams.

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