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World Cup 2022 Today’s matches: Netherlands matches – United States and Argentina – Australia Round of 16

World Cup 2022 Today’s matches: Netherlands matches – United States and Argentina – Australia Round of 16

FIFA World Cup Qatar, Elimination Stage: This year’s FIFA World Cup matches continue with doubles Final Eight and more exciting matches, when there is no room for error and the loser is forced to return home from Qatar. After the time periods for the last group matches, we will be able to watch the matches twice in the live elimination stage, live on TV with two teams who may have a chance to win the final match.

For starters Holland He hits with usThen they pray in the evening Messiwho are they with the Australians They will compete. Both matches will be held on Saturday.

Fortunately, you can follow the World Cup matches this year in Qatar not only in the traditional way, on cable, as it can be watched on a live broadcast platform for sports games via the Internet, on TV via the Internet or even for free, and there are several options for this in Hungary.

This is how you can watch the 2022 World Cup matches:

When will the round of 16 matches take place?

The matches will be held on Saturday 3 December at two different times. afternoon Netherlands and the United States match 4:00 pmIt will be held at Halifa International Stadium. The Argentina and Australia clash 20:00At Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

The Final Eight duets are now exclusive M4 Sport transmit HD in quality.

This is expected:

The competition for the Qatari national team is getting tougher, and whoever makes a mistake here has no chance to correct it, and this also applies to the Dutch or Argentine national team. The US team started the group matches by sharing points with Wales, then managed to tie the match 0-0 against the England national team. Berhalter’s crew can stand a chance against almost any team, so when watching Holland’s excellent attacking game, we can expect an exciting game. The last time they met was in 2015 in a friendly match, with Guus Hiddink and Jurgen Klinsmann still on the bench, the latter could have been happier, as the US team won 4-3.

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The Argentine curler is already starting to kick off against the Poles, but they still need to improve their shooting accuracy, scoring “only” two goals from their 23 shots. The Saudi fiasco may have been postponed, but they were still warned, as Australia beat Tunisia and then Denmark, who were considered secret rivals, although they also conceded 4 goals from the French, which means against a top team. They cannot develop it effectively.

The Argentine team won the last four matches between the two teams, scoring 8 goals and conceding 2 goals.

WC 2022, Day 13:

Additional World Cup Program, Round of 16:

Sunday: France – Poland 10:00

Sunday England – Senegal 20:00


Direct link now (subscription required):

Vodafone TV:

M4 Sport Link (Direct):

Summary of matches that you can watch here after reporting:

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