World Cup 2022: Still very little chance of Hungarian participation

World Cup 2022: Still very little chance of Hungarian participation

After the defeat to Albania, the Hungarian national football team had only a arithmetic chance to participate in the World Championship. We’ve briefly summarized what all needs to happen in order to keep hope of Qatar’s performance.

Andras Schaefer had little arithmetic chance of playing in the World Cup after another defeat against the Albanians (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

Hungary is currently fourth in the World Cup qualifying group with 10 points. Three rounds left, so in theory we could have a total of 19 points. For this to become a reality, we have to win our two toughest matches on paper, away against the English and Poles, and defeat San Marino at home – odds are that only the last of the three will win…

In the case of punctuality, the goal difference is determined first, so the loss to the dairy does not matter in this regard. But it is not.

Only the group leader is automatically qualified for the World Cup, and mathematically there is a chance for that. The English should not score a single point for that, and we need three victories – circumstances that are hard to imagine, and of course it doesn’t matter what Albania and Poland play.

Chances of finishing second in the qualifiers are higher, although that is no longer realistic after Saturday’s defeat to the Albanians. The Albanians, who are currently second with 15 points, will receive the Poles at home, then go to England and then play a game against Andorra at home. So we can “allow” them up to four points – they beat Andorra plus an important point against the English or the Poles.

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In the special duel with the Poles in third place with 14 points, the final group match is decisive when the Hungarian national team travels abroad. If we go out here, no matter what happens until then, surely there can be no other place either.

Needless to say, due to the plethora of chances, the situation is very resilient, and in that respect it would be better to beat undefeated England in London first on Tuesday…

Group I case.
1. Anglia 7 6 1 23-2 +21 19
2. Albania 7 5 2 11-6 +5 15th
3. Poland 7 4 2 1 8-24 +16 14
4. Hungary 7 3 1 3 12-11 +1 10
5. Andorra 7 1 6 4-19 -15th 3
6. San Marino 7 7 1–29 –28 0

Back matches in the first group.
Round 8 Tuesday 12 October
20.45: San Marino – Andorra
20.45: Albania and Poland

Round 9, Friday 12 November
Hungary-San Marino
20.45: Andorra and Poland
20.45: England and Albania

Round 10, Monday, November 15
Poland – Hungary
20.45: San Marino Anglia
20.45: Albania Andorra

The League of Nations remains. There’s the best chance of that, but it’s also only relative. In the playoffs, based on the top 10 and NL rankings, two guards will compete for rental spots.

Top NL rankings: 1. Belgium, 2. France, 3. Italy, 4. Spain, 5. Wales, 6. Austria, 7. Czech Republic, 8. Hungary.

One of the Belgian, Welsh and Czech trio will definitely qualify for the Eredivisie because they are in the same group. The second place will be given to the Hungarian team if (in addition to the Belarusians or Estonians who did not enter one of the first two places in Group E), the French, Italians, Spaniards and Austrians also finished in one of the first places. their group.

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For now, we have to pay the best of the Austrians, who unfortunately are not doing well now. Fourth place in Group F is theirs, 10 points, second place, the Scots, who defeated Israel in the 92nd minute, have 14 points. So the “brothers” have to eliminate four points in three rounds. The Scots play away from home with the Faroe Islands and Moldova and then at home with Denmark. Austria will go to Denmark next time, receive Israel in its homeland, and finally will play a match with Moldova at home. Either way, it doesn’t look like this path is feasible for the Hungarian national team either…

F group case.
1. Denmark 7 7 26-0 +26 21
2. Scotland 7 4 2 1 7-12 +5 14
3. Israel 7 3 1 3 16-14 +2 10
4. Austria 7 3 1 3 11-13 –2 10
5. Faroe Islands 7 1 1 5 4-16 -12 4
6. Moldova 7 1 6 3-22 – 19 1

Back matches in Group F.
Round 8 Tuesday 12 October
Denmark and Austria
20.45: Faroe Islands, Scotland
20.45: Israel and Moldova

Round 9, Friday 12 November
Austria – Israel
20.45: Denmark and the Faroe Islands
20.45: Moldova-Scotland

Round 10, Monday, November 15
Austria and Moldova
20.45: Israel and the Faroe Islands
20.45: Scotland Denmark

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