World Cup 2022: Canada's record victory over the Cayman Islands

World Cup 2022: Canada’s record victory over the Cayman Islands

The CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers, originally scheduled for Sunday, were finally scheduled for Tuesday in Hungarian time due to travel difficulties and security measures due to the Coronavirus between Canada and the Cayman Islands: Canada rarely beat confidently to 11-0, leading CONCAC Zone B World Cup Qualifiers Group Two.

Alfonso Davies (in white) manages to double up against the Cayman Islands

In the Canadians with 11 goals, 28-year-old Lucas Cavallani at Vancouver Whitecaps substituted in the 60th minute, scoring a hat-trick between the 68th and 76th minutes – including doubling Alfonso Davis once and even a penalty kick. American team.

The 11-0 success is the biggest difference ever for the Canadian national team, as Fed captain John Herdman outperformed their 8-0 win over the US Virgin Islands three years ago. Incidentally, this is also a record for the Caymans, and it’s their biggest defeat.

WC 2022, eligible
1. RUN
Group B.

Cayman Islands – Canada 0-11

Group Status: 1. Canada 6 points (16-1.2 games) 2. Suriname 6 (9-0) 3. Bermuda 0 (1-5) 4. Europe 0 (0-6) Cayman Islands 0 (0-14) 2 matches)

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