Working Out In The New Year

2017 is here, so let’s go ahead and dive into the one goal everybody starts, but never finishes. Working out. Whether you want to lose weight or tone your body now is the time to start. Summer is close, but spring break is even closer. Time to get that ultimate beach body. Let’s take a look back at 2016. Ladies, two words, Teyana Taylor. We all saw how stunningly beautiful she looked in Kanye West’s “Fade” video. Chile, that was the ultimate snapback of 2016. Of course, she probably had a trainer and an intense workout, but don’t let that run you away. You can do it.
Tips to losing weight:

1. Eat Healthy: 
First, let’s get rid of those bad eating habits. What’s a good workout if your eating habits are poor. That defeats the purpose.
A list of foods to stay away from when trying to lose weight.
Potato chips
Ice cream
Sugary drinks (anything with added sugar)
White bread
Candy bars
Sweets ( cakes, pastries, cookies etc..)
Also, try to get in the habit of eating breakfast every morning. Nutella on toast with bananas is my favorite go-to. Full of protein and it’s delicious. Prepare your own meals at home instead of ordering out. Create a food log and keep track of the foods you eat and also write out your meals for the week.

2. Eliminate stress:
Secondly, avoid STRESS! While stress can play a factor in losing weight rapidly it also plays a factor in NOT losing weight, so avoid it at all cost. If you are a person who tends to stress a lot take up beginners yoga, Zumba class or start going on a daily walk.

3. Sleep
Make sure you get a good nights rest. This is the biggest factor yet. Sleep can play a major role in whether or not you lose weight as well, so make sure you get those eight hours.

4. Getting fit:
Lastly, the hardest part of it all, WORKING OUT! I know many people like to workout in groups or maybe that’s just me. (Note to self: the people in the gym are not looking at you work out). Maybe it’s just me, but at first, I didn’t like working out because I thought the people in the gym were staring at me. Reality: they’re not. They’re too busy getting their own workout in.
For beginners start with simply walking then amp it up to jogging and eventually running. Cardio is a must when working out, but once you get established and a little more comfortable begin working on your muscles.
Example if you’re doing a five-day workout:
Monday: cardio/ muscles (legs, hamstring, and calves)
Tuesday: cardio/ muscles (arms, triceps, and biceps)
Wednesday: cardio/ muscles (back)
Thursday: cardio/ muscles (chest)
Friday: cardio/ muscles (shoulders)
Let’s stick to our New Years resolution this year and the results with be EVERYTHING!
Best wishes to you all.

If You have any suggestions on diets and workout tips, leave a comment below. Tell us what you think!

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