Young Black Men It’s Ok To Cry: Video Goes Viral

This moving video shows a black man telling a little black boy it is OK to cry but you have to push through the pain has gone viral.  Jason Wilson teaches Musar Ru, which helps and teaches young boys how to gain control of their emotions.


In this video, a 9-year-old boy begins to cry when he struggled to break the block with his left hand. That’s when his teacher took the time to explain to him tears are OK and have a place in our life but are there to teach us as well.

[Tweet “”Being a Black man in this country you will need mental fortitude.” -Jason Wilson”]

Wilson decided to post this video “to encourage all of you to not only allow your sons to cry when facing emotional stress but more importantly, patiently walk them through it.” “Being a Black man in this country you will need mental fortitude.”

“What we are witnessing is a generation of boys who were fathered by men who were given by their fathers a false sense of masculinity,” Wilson later explained to Upworthy. “It’s imperative that we, the men and fathers of this generation, do not allow our boys to grow up the way many of us did.”

The best part is at the end when the young man overcomes this obstacle and breaks the board, no problem.



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