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Workers and Resources is a city building video game

Workers and Resources is a city building video game

June 26, 2024
Author: Andrei Lenkin /

The new city-building game is now hugely popular on Steam, and has even reached the top of the bestseller lists. Plus, it's on sale now.

If you like city building simulations, you should check out Steam. There's a new game creating buzz, which can't even compete with classics of the genre, like SimCity and Cities: Skylines. The title, which recently exited early access, has become a bestseller and stormed to the top of the sales charts. In addition, it can now be purchased at a discount.

What are workers and resources?

In fact, Workers and Resources: The Soviet Republic is not entirely new. 3Division's city-building game has spent several years in Early Access, but a few days ago the official version finally appeared. As the title suggests, it focuses on the Soviet Union, which must be developed from a poor country into a great power through a planned economy and good management.

Almost every important aspect has to be addressed during the game. This includes trade, education, construction and transportation. Attention must also be paid to the health care of the population. In addition, the goal is to optimize supply chains and find the most abundant sources of raw materials, e.g. Fans seem to like the combination, which is impressively evident by the current numbers on Steam.

How successful are the workers and resources?

Shortly after the end of Early Access, Workers and Resources: The Soviet Republic entered the top ten on Steam's current bestseller list. At the same time, he achieved an excellent eighth rank. Since then, it has declined somewhat, but its excellent ratings continue to demonstrate its enduring high popularity. Currently, the title has a “very positive” rating, with only 8% negative votes.

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You can also now buy it at a 35 percent discount for 26 euros instead of 40, but this offer only lasts until Thursday, June 27.

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