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Wonder Woman with the amazing body Blue Diva of the Fifth Element, this is what she looks like in real life

Wonder Woman with the amazing body Blue Diva of the Fifth Element, this is what she looks like in real life

If there is a list in the world of blockbusters, works that have an incomparable uniqueness in setting and story, and whenever we see a single frame of them, we immediately know what they were thinking about, then this list ranks very high. Luc Besson's masterpiece, The Fifth Element.

You have a star in the movie along with a really interesting story. Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Chris Tucker and others are the guarantee that this work cannot go astray, even if the story is bad. But the story is also a really great story.

There are many memorable scenes in the movie that many people can remember. For example, the singing of the blue singer, which almost breaks the glass.

Wonder Woman with a stunning body is the blue Na'vi from the Avatar movies, and this is what she looks like in real life

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After that scene or audio entry, it's no wonder the business is always added to the list they're looking at to see who they managed to hide beyond recognition. Along with the Avatar movies or any number of superhero movies, The Fifth Element is always a must-have.

But who is hiding under the mask, under the abundance of blue paint?

Maiwine Le Pesco is a French actress who may not be known to many here, but she is very famous in her home country. Anyway, she also appears in the film Léon Professional, but you certainly don't recognize her, or you don't know at first glance that the actress starred alongside Bruce Willis in the film The Fifth Element.

However, Maywin is famous not only for her roles, but also for her films. He has directed many successful works, including one of the best fashion films of 2023, in which Johnny Depp plays the main role. This movie is Jean de Barry – The Lover.

And this is what the actress looks like in real life:

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