Women's water polo: The Canadians were also pushed out by the Canadians

Women’s water polo: The Canadians were also pushed out by the Canadians

The Hungarian national team was eliminated from the Canadian national team in the women’s water polo tournament final in Athens in the last round on Wednesday 13-12.

Anna Elise scored twice for Canada (Photo: Chapa Dumotor, Archive)


Tokyo Olympics-preparing Fed captain Attila Peru — who beat the Japanese in the first round and then lost to the Russians in the second — had a three-goal handicap midway through the second quarter, but tied with a fine hair before the big break.

In the middle of the last season, the Canadians scored two goals, and the Hungarians fought until the last moment, but in the end the equalizer did not work out.

The Hungarians finished third in their group, meaning they will meet the second-placed in the other group, the Spanish team, in the quarter-finals on Thursday.

the group, Round 3
Canada-Hungary 13-12 (4-2, 3-5, 3-1, 3-4)
Hungary national team scorers:
Parks, Ellis, Valje, Rybanska 2-2, Kyzthele, Laimetre, Gorissati, Zeligy 1-1

They played on Monday
Hungary – Japan 10-26

They played on Tuesday
Russia-Hungary 14-13

Quarter-finals: 14.00, 15.45, 17.30, 19.15
5-8. Place, semi-finals
Placeholders: 14.00, 15.45, 17.30, 19.15

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