Women's Water: A smooth second win over Canada

Women’s Water: A smooth second win over Canada

The Hungarian women’s water polo team, preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, defeated the Canadian team 13-7 in the second game of the SEAT Cup on Margaret Island on Tuesday.


Great victory over Canada (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

The guests were able to keep up with the silver medalist of the World League of Federal Captain Attila Peru until the break, which was subsequently improved in both attack and defense, thanks to which he confidently won the meeting. The most beautiful scene in the match was named after Kristina Garda, who almost kicked the Canadian goalkeeper from the center of the field in the last quarter, watching the Hungarian center and retreating a little.

The two teams played a 9-9 draw on Monday.

The Hungarian women’s team will meet Russia, China, hosts Japan and defending champion the United States during the activities of the Tokyo group.

Women’s Water Polo, Seat Cup Preparation Course, Budapest, Margate Island
Hungary-Canada 13-7 (4-2, 1-2, 3-1, 5-2)
Boat pool, 300 spectators. Fifth
: Deslieres (Canada), Kun Gy.
Hungary: GANGL – SZILÁGYI D. 3, Keszthelyi-Nagy 2, Rybanska, Parkes, GARDA 2, Vályi V.1. exchange: SZÜCS G. 1, ILLÉS A. 2, Gurisatti 1, Leimeter 1, Gyöngyössy. Federal Captain: Judge Atilla
Canada: Jim Wright – Criver 2, LaRoche, McKelvey, E. Wright, Sohae 1, Christmas 3. exchange: Vulpisi (Kapur), McKee 1, Eggen, Békhazi, Lemay-Lavoie Paul. Federal Captain: David Paradelo
Objective – Human Advantage: 6/2, sick. 6/2
The goal – a double human advantage: 1/1, sick. 1/0
Target – from five meters: 1/1, sick. 1/0
focused on: Rybanska (27. p.)
master balance sheet
Attila Peru:
“In a way it was as if the heat left its mark on the match, or the Canadians were just more tired than they were the day before. Despite the score, I think we still had a reserve, but we eliminated the positioning errors made in the first game against Both goals, so we were able to score a lot of goals and get less. The truth is in the middle of the road, we are better than the Canadians, but not by six goals, I would be happy to win two or three goals in the Olympics.
David Paradillo: “We didn’t spin at the highest speed, but we still faced the complicated situations, but we didn’t focus enough on the finishes. In addition, the Hungarian national team immediately got away from the missed positions and punished us with a goal. In the previous close match, such situations opened the scissors between the two teams, But at least we saw that we still had work to do at the Olympics.

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They played on Monday
Hungary – Canada 9-9 (4–3, 1-2, 2–1, 2-3)
Hungary national team scorers: Garda 3, Keszthelyi-Nagy, Leimeter 2-2, Szilágyi, Vályi

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