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Women’s Hockey World Cup – The tournament has been postponed to May

Based on a decision described on the IIHF website on Thursday, it was originally scheduled for April 7-17. The tournament has been postponed to May 6-16. It has also been suggested that a limited number of spectators could watch the matches on site.

Martin Vas, Director General of the Hungarian Association (MJSZ), revealed that he is pleased to find the current channel M1: he is pleased that the IIHF has announced the decision, which has been under discussion with the participating countries for a few weeks. Currently.

“We are very happy that it will be kept, we have been positive about it,” he added, adding that MJSZ is a supportive partner in the Hungarian national team’s participation in the global event again, along with the additional costs incurred, so it experiences the events as a common success.

He said, “With the fact that the IIHF has published and formalized the new history, unless a very big problem occurs, I think this event will take place.”

He noted that the team members are also happy that after the postponements so far, a decision has been made this time to hold the event.

He covered it: They need a bit of a readiness restructuring, but all players are ready after a tough season. Cohesion and two training matches are planned in March, followed by two more in April. After that, they will travel according to the protocol established by IIHF and the Canadian Confederation, and they will await the World Cup with all regulations and restrictions. Consequently, they will be quarantined for six and then eight days prior to the flight, and players will be housed in individual rooms, which will be prepared in advance for the mentally demanding isolation.

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René Vasil, the president of FIFA, had already spoken on Monday about the possibility of postponing and that this would give more time to properly organize the match.

Halifax and Truro in Nova Scotia will host the Women’s Elite World Cup with ten teams, with the Hungarians playing in the final stadium with Japan, the Czechs, Germans and Danes.

The 2020 World Cup has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and Canada will host it this year in the same location. Due to the pandemic, Canada tightened entry restrictions in February.


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