Women's Hockey World Cup: Hungary started with a defeat

Women’s Hockey World Cup: Hungary started with a defeat

The Hungarian women’s hockey team began their first-ever elite world championship defeat: Germany beat us 3-0, which will continue on Sunday evening at 8pm against the Czech Republic in Calgary.

The disc went to the gates of Anikó Németh three times (Photo: MTI/Balázs Czagány – Archive)


Coincidentally, someone rarely becomes an Olympic champion, especially not in hockey with the Canadian national team. So the fact that Lisa Healy was the second coach of a gold medal team in Sochi in 2014 is a guarantee of her experience, especially since she also has one gold medal at the World Cup and three silver medals. Thus, we can follow blindly, especially since our women’s team is now in the elite for the first time, which means we don’t have our own experience of the best event. To Haley even more, our opening match against Germany came just as I expected.

For example, he pointed out that because the opponent is more experienced, we need to increase the speed and gauntlet quickly, and then not get injured if classic goalkeeper Jennifer Harz has to hit the same ball first, second, and third. The good news is that there was no problem with all this, our girls started without the slightest visible sign of fever, we got our first shot, our first human advantage, which kept the shot meter off at 3-1.

Only then it became 4–4, then 4–7, and the function was 0–2 …

Also characteristic of the elite (as a girl in the name: group A) is that all mistakes are punished, in fact, sometimes you don’t even need a mistake to score a goal. Because it is true that we gave Germany a human advantage, but from this and then from the next, Nina Kristof scored very brilliant goals and in different ways. He first lifted under the bar at close range, but almost at the speed of light, then obscured the view in front of the gate, plus he brilliantly got to the group that cut under the bar again – 58 seconds passed between hits. So in vain our girls got up and running cheerfully, and soon went down hill.

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In terms of the number of shots, the bleeding could not be stopped, the opponent tried two or three times – in fact, we were 4-16 in this respect … – but it did not become another goal, and we could have even had it embellished, because we were in Forum three times. At the same time only he felt that high speed carried energies and made it difficult to make: sometimes the puck would bounce or get stuck at the bat pen, and sometimes the lowlands would remain free before the gate, so Aniko Németh’s day was busy.

One goal left for the final third, it wasn’t ugly either, but unfortunately our captain Julia Zorn didn’t hit it, but after a second in a few minutes a racket went into the backboard behind the goal, in this case by Alexandra Ronai, a working tool. left without action…

It wasn’t a bad production for a prologue, and we can move on quickly: we’ll continue with the Czech Republic at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Elite Women’s World Championship
group b
-Hungary 3-0 (2–0, 0–0, 1–0)
Calgary, behind closed gates. Fifth:
Furberg (Sweden), Lieffers (Canada), Blair (Canada), Heikkinen (Finland).
Germany: Harris – Potthoff, Strobel / Reich, Orendorz / Jobst Smith (1)And NS. Eisenschmid (1) / Rothemond – Christoph 2And KLUGE, pasture fields (1) / zorn 1And Karpf, Spielberger (1) / N. Eisenschmid, Delarbre, Wagner / Dusterhoft, Schiefer, Voigt. Federal Captain: Thomas Schadler
: Németh A. – Kiss-Simon, KNEE / ODNOGA L., Németh B. / Tóth E., MAYER / Pártos – Jókai-Szilágyi K., Kreisz E., Gasparics / Seregély, DABASI, Gowie / Metzler, Horváth I., Pintér L. / Kiss A., Rónai, Szamosfalvi. Federal Captain: Lisa Haley
Gate shots: 26-19.
Objective – Human Advantage: 4/1, sick. 5/0
master balance sheet
Lisa Haley:
“We had good moments, although sometimes we played right.” But we got off to a good start and, frankly, were a little miserable at a two-goal disadvantage. Even though we got another one, we can gain trust from the other two-thirds. There are details to improve, but we had the elite experience, and we have a big game on Sunday as well. We’ve met the Czech Republic a few times recently, and we haven’t been the most successful, nor will we be the best now, plus our team is probably the smallest frame in the field. But we also came for victories …

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Additional results
the group
Canada – Finland 3-1
USA – Switzerland 3-0
group b.
Czech Republic – Denmark 6-1

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