Women's Hockey World Cup: Hungarians are caught, they can't go on

Women’s Hockey World Cup: Hungarians are caught, they can’t go on

In his third game, the Hungarian women’s hockey team lost to the Elite World Championships in Calgary, losing 4-1 to Japan mainly due to several oppositions and a club defensive back, which made them certain that they would not advance from the group.

The women’s hockey team also lost its third game (Photo: MJSZ)


The Hungarian women’s team at the World Elite Championship beats the elements well, beating Germany among the best in its first match, already scoring against the Czech Republic, and finally beating Japan. One thing awaits: the next victory over Denmark should come from Wednesday to Thursday in the morning, because Japan is very strong for us so far.

The current 1-4 legitimacy was underlined by the 2-4 result of our only pre-championship training match, which means there is still room for improvement for us, who of course know this about themselves better than anyone else. One such development point is the main game, in which the girls have been 12-0 so far, but this time with a team worthy of a captain. Gasparix Fanny It included the second advantage, bringing us to a 1-1 draw at the start of the second third.

The problem is that while our advantage game has improved quite a bit, the downside is still not good, and the biggest problem is that we rushed so many performances back for this non-atomic defensive back, the second hit that Japan technically won came from a double traffic light. , for example. We stayed in the competition for the last 10 minutes, however, only one show turned up, another goal from the Far East was overwhelming, and then 1:11 a similar number. So, based on certain stats, the entire match suddenly ended with 1 to 4.

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There is no reason to worry that our team will certainly not be able to move away from its group: on the one hand, in the first Elite World Cup in the history of the field, not every match, every third and exchange is an opportunity to learn, and on the other hand, the World Cup for the lower class. It’s not regulated, so there’s nowhere to go up or down – which means our place is guaranteed to be among the best next year, too.

Summary of the goals of the major gases from 1:37

Elite Women’s World Championship
group b
Japan v Hungary 4-1 (1–0, 1–1, 2–0)

Calgary, behind closed gates. led: Ermak (Russian), Rabin, Hanley, Spricer (Americans)
FUDZSIMOTO N. – HOSZOJAMADA (1), Koike (1) / TOKO A. (1), SIGA AOI (1) / Jamasita Siori, Kavasima / Kojama, Szuzuki – UKITA 1, Jonejama 1, Oszava / Siga Akane 1, TOKO H (2), Jamasita Hikaru/Otaki, Taka (1), Miura (1)/Kubo 1, Fudzsimoto M., Sisiucsi. Federal Captain: Izuka Godzi
Németh A. – Kiss-Simon, Knee (1) / Tóth E., Németh B. / ODNOGA L. (1), Mayer / Grkovic – Gowie, Kreisz E., Starling / Jókai-Szilágyi, Dabasi, GASPARICS 1 / Kiss 1., Ronai, Szamosfalvi/Pintér L., Horváth I., Metzler. Federal Captain: Lisa Haley
Gate shots: 29-25
Objective – Human Advantage: 5/3, sick. 6/1

group b case.
1. Czech Republic 3 3 3-14 9
2. Germany 2 2 6-1 6
3. Japan 3 2 1 5-5 6
4. Hungary 3 3 3-11
5. Denmark 3 3 2-10

Group A status: 1. USA 9 points (12-0, 3 games), 2. Canada 9 (15-4, 3), 3. Russia 3 (4-12, 3), 4. Finland 0 (3-8, 2 ). ), 5. Switzerland 0 (1-11, 3)

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