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Women’s Hockey World Cup – Hungarian national team debut, many records can be broken

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In the tournament, which has been postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic and will run until August 31, the Hungarians, without one of their strongest attackers, Alexandra Husak, due to injury, will open the World Cup against the Germans from 8 pm on Saturday. European time. They will also continue against the Czechs from 8pm on Sunday, against the Japanese at 3.30am on Wednesday, while the Danes will meet from 3.30pm on Thursday. The top three of the five teams will advance to the quarter-finals, with the finals to be held on August 31. The tournament will be held behind closed doors according to the latest news. All matches of the national team can be watched live on M4 Sport or on

Hungary ranks 12th in the world rankings, Japan ranks sixth, the Czech Republic ranks seventh, Germany ranks eighth, and Denmark ranks eleventh.

The delegation arrived in Calgary last Tuesday, where everyone was quarantined for five days, during which time the players were unable to leave their hotel room, so they were unable to train on the ice. During the lockdown, fitness coach Gabriela Galias conducted online training, hockey players took various equipment with them, and the hotel provided spinning machines. In addition, online discussions are included in the program.

Ice work could begin again on Monday, with one training a day, then on Wednesday afternoon local time, the Hungarian team played their last preparatory match for the Japanese national team and lost 4-2.

“It’s inspiring to see how excited everyone is to be here. Confidence is increasing day by day, we have collaborated quickly, the chemistry in the frame is developing rapidly, and I am excited to see our performance,” said Federal Captain Lisa Haley on the Hungarian federation website.

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He added that they are already ready for the first appearance in the world championship against the Germans, and they will be “sharp” in the first group match, as they have been preparing for this for 14 months.

Since the lower division tournaments have been canceled due to the pandemic, there will be no elite dropouts this year, meaning the Hungarians will be able to play in the world’s top ten national teams next year as well.

The Women’s World Cup has been held since 1990, with Canada winning the first eight tournaments, and since then the United States – which have won the last five World Cups – have risen to 10-9 in gold medals. This means that “parity” will be accompanied by another American success.

The United States is currently experiencing 26 games in a row, with Canada winning 37 games unbroken between 1990 and 2004.

Canadian Hailee Fickenheiser and Finn played Caroline Rantamaki in the 13th World Cup, and they can now be caught by the captain of the Finnish team, Jenny Hirikowski. Hiirikoski has climbed on the ice in 68 World Cup matches and is separated by one meeting to catch up with Brantamaki, who tops the list. Wickenheiser leads with 86 points in the World Cup, and the jockey with 74 points second, so with a good performance, the American striker can capture or surpass the Canadian legend.

In terms of goals, the American Kami Granato is ahead with 44, and the Musketeers are one goal away from him.

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Danielle Jewett was part of nine of Canada’s ten gold medalists. If the US team wins in Calgary, the Hillary Knights will be enough.

Hungarian World Championship Frame:


Anikó Németh (MAC Budapest), Fruzsina Szabó (MAC Budapest), Zsófia Tóth (KMH Budapest)

Jelena Grkovic (MAC Budapest), Franciska Kiss-Simon (KMH Budapest), Sarah Knee (KMH Budapest), Fruzsina Mayer (KMH Budapest), Bernadett Németh (MAC Budapest), Lotti Odnoga (Dartmouth College), Réka Pártos (MA) , Enikő Tóth (KMH Budapest)

Réka Dabasi (KMH Budapest), Fanni Gasparics (MAC Budapest), Alexandra Gowie (MAC Budapest), Imola Horváth (Gothenburg), Kinga Jókai-Szilágyi (Vienna Sabers), Andrea Kiss (MAC Budapest), Emma Kreisz (College of Emma Kreis) Metzler Regin (KMH Budapest), Pintér Hanna (SDE Stockholm), Pintér Lili (SDE Stockholm), Rónai Alexandra (MAC Budapest), Seregély Mira (University of Maine), Szamosfalvi Petra (KMH Budapest)


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