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Women have the same career opportunities as men in academic and research work

Women have the same career opportunities as men in academic and research work

On October 17, for the 15th time, the Pro Progressio Foundation working together with BME awarded the most outstanding teachers in nurturing talent, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics announced in a press release sent to our newspaper.

Source: Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Secondary school teachers under the age of fifty-five who teach mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, who guide their students in choosing technical and natural science careers, and whose students achieve outstanding results in domestic and international academic and professional competitions, received an award.

The meeting was received by Katalin Balatoni, Deputy Secretary of State for Public Education at the Ministry of the Interior, Valeria Sepe, Chair of the Hungarian Accreditation Commission, Anna Erde, Deputy Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Gabriela Hajnal, President of the Klebelsberg Centre. The eleven outstanding teachers at the awards ceremony. The awards were presented by University Rector Tibor Cizjani and János Bacox, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

It is necessary to take decisive steps to ensure that in the future we have enough specialists in the field of natural sciences to teach our children and impart scientific knowledge

Catalin Balatoni emphasized in her greeting. The Deputy Minister of State explained that it is important to give women the same opportunities as men in the field of research, and she also expressed her happiness because today it is impossible to maintain herself in the world of science even as a mother.

Nowadays, giving birth to a girl is no longer an obstacle in the developed world in the scientific field

Valeria Seppi stated. According to him, the scientific profession requires talent, diligence and good teachers. Recent Hungarian Nobel laureates went to school here and built their knowledge here. Their example also shows that the type of work that teachers do plays a crucial role.

Anna Erde, Deputy Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, explained the welcome change in the role of women through the MTA’s Lendület programme. He confirmed:

In 2009, the first winners were exclusively men, and this year there were nine female researchers among the 19 applicants who received support.

The ratio is improving, but it should be improved further. Quoting Katalin Carrico, she drew women’s attention to the fact that it is very important for them to have self-confidence in the field of research. Gabriela Hajnal, Head of the Klebersberg Centre, highlighted:

One of the most important tasks of teachers is to discover talents and enable them to flourish.

They strive to ensure that no matter how many science faculties start at secondary level, even with a small number of applicants, we cannot lose a single student who intends to enroll in mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology.

They imparted not only knowledge, but also a love of learning, and were also taught dedication and perseverance, stressed university rector Tibor Zyjani, referring to his teachers Katalin Karicó and Ferenc Krausz.

The Eszter Teacher Prize in Pécs is not only a tribute to the memory of the first Hungarian female engineer, but also an inspiration for all high school girls to boldly choose technical and natural science professions – emphasized János Bakos, President of the Pro Progressio Foundation.

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