Women and children were slaughtered by European invaders

Women and children were slaughtered by European invaders

According to a new investigation, at least a dozen women and children were killed in the Aztec city by Spanish invaders who had been attacking for nearly 500 years, MTI writes. According to the sources, the residents of the settlement lost them months ago and then sacrificed and ate a group. Findings from the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) are based on excavations in the city of Tecoaque, and the name of the settlement in the Aztecs Navatl language means the place where they were taken up.

In 1520, the inhabitants of Tecoa, also known as Zultepec, captured a group of 15 Spanish men, 50 women, 10 children, and 45 soldiers, including Africans and indigenous Cubans. In addition, about 350 original allies were captured. The Aztecs sacrificed them over a period of several months when this came Hernan Curtis He became aware of the conqueror and his order in early 1521 Gonzalo de SandovalnacTo take revenge on the city.

Enrique Martinez Vargas’ photo An archaeologist said that when the Tecoa residents learned of the retaliatory attack, bones of the Spaniards and other evidence were thrown into shallow wells. Attempts were also made to raise the rudimentary means of defense along the main road to the city, but none were sufficient when Sandoval and his forces arrived.

Most of the warriors who remained in the city managed to escape, but the women and children remained, and became the victims.

During excavations on a 120-meter stretch of the main road, dozens of female skeletons were found to protect ten children aged 5-6 years. The burial site indicates that the victims attempted to flee but were massacred and then buried in a hurry. Based on bones found in the buildings, the women and children hiding here have been mutilated. The Spanish set fire to churches and beheaded statues.

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Wikimedia Commons Painting by Felix Barra about the 1519 massacre in Cholula

Cruelty was demonstrated on both sides in Tikwaki. The Aztecs fixed the heads of captured Spanish women to skulls next to the skulls of men. Bone analysis revealed that the women were pregnant, and according to prehistoric tradition, they were also considered warriors. The body of one of the women portrayed as a victim was cut in half and placed next to the severed remains of a 3-4-year-old boy.

The captured convoy consisted of people sent from Cuba on a second expedition a year after the arrival of Cortes in 1519. The team headed to the Aztec capital with the invaders’ goods and food reserves. Curtis left the convoy alone while trying to save his team from the uprising that broke out in Mexico City today.

Prisoners were held in cells without doors. Little by little, townspeople were sacrificing and eating horses, men and women. The Spaniards also brought pigs with them to get food, but the Aztecs looked at them with suspicion: they had just been killed, but left whole. On the other hand, the bodies of captured Europeans were dismembered, with marks on the bones indicating that the flesh had been removed from them.

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