Wolf: Behind closed doors, Verstappen and Leclerc say different things

Wolf: Behind closed doors, Verstappen and Leclerc say different things

The Mercedes boss still holds other teams as irresponsible, and Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen say he’s playing a double game about hitting cars.

Toto Wolff hasn’t been the most popular figure on the Formula 1 circuit in recent weeks. The Mercedes team boss has become the target of several Formula One teams after a public campaign in Baku and Montreal to get the FIA ​​to change its rules to rule out the health risks of racing in this year’s new cars.

While many rivals see Mercedes as lobbying for self-interest, Wolff accuses opponents of the same, having said it in their eyes at the team meeting at the Canadian Grand Prix. It is known that there was a very heated debate between the barn ten bosses and the leaders of Formula One, with Wolff getting angry at the others, while Red Bull boss Christian Horner said he used all his acting talents in front of the camera of the Netflix crew.

Mattia Binotto and Toto Wolff (Photo: XPB)

This is wolf Oe24 I asked an Austrian portal how it feels to be a public enemy these days. “It just means my comfort zone! Everyone has been against me my whole life, but this is the time I work out the best. Regular beer doesn’t recognize me anyway. And when everyone is against me, it also means I can find purpose to some extent. …” Austria’s response was almost Hamiltonian.

As for his alleged anger at the meeting in question, Wolf feels there are two good reasons to come out against his opponents.

“I brought myself together for two reasons. First, I was accused of being firm with the FIA ​​because my lawyer became the Secretary General of Sport. We are talking about a completely reliable lawyer”

– Hint that several teams have lifted it, Mercedes was informed first and foremost that the FIA ​​would allow the use of additional insurance wire from Montreal. Many pointed out that it was an interesting coincidence that the FIA ​​had recently appointed Chula-Ann Rau, Wolff’s former personal legal advisor, as F1’s general secretary.

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Wolf also hates teams that try to manipulate their opponents and force them to form opinions that he does not even reflect in their position.

“Second, the team bosses manipulate their passengers and they have to admit to the audience that bouncing the car is a health issue. I spoke to all of them (i.e. the teams) and said that at least one of the competitors in each of you told the audience that he is either in pain or has a headache or weakness His eyesight and that’s what’s holding him back in driving. And they’re all acting like they’re nothing. This is irresponsible.”

Toto Wolff (Photo: XPB)

Like Wolff’s racer Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, who have spoken out against the FIA’s interference, were accused of ambiguity, believing the rebound was just a Mercedes problem, not a problem for them.

“You cannot influence a Formula 1 rider as much as not saying anything to the public when there are health risks. There are only two riders who say nothing, Leclerc and Verstappen, but behind closed doors they say something else.”

Wolf says.

In Red Bull’s argument, Wolf said that the car’s bounce can be easily resolved by raising the ground clearance: “We just knew it at the time. I’ve seen rebound studies that show Ferrari has been raised to the highest level, while Red Bull has the lowest. Every car bounces, but the fact that we are slow is down to something else. You can also see Ferrari, they are The faster, the more you bounce.”

Hulot Marco’s remark that Hamilton’s back pain subsided remarkably quickly on the Montreal podium “was not picked up by Wolff”. “He needed to be in control, but his back was no longer a big deal.” confirmed it.

Lewis Hamilton (Photo: Mercedes/Jerry Krink)

On the question of when Mercedes will find a solution to its car problems, Wolff promised nothing. “We simply knew it at the time. We’ve already seen a light a few times at the end of the tunnel, most recently in Montreal. Improvements are coming at Silverstone which are moving in the right direction. But I don’t want to exaggerate the excessive euphoria. Anyway, the track could be to our car.” He said about the British Grand Prix this weekend.

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He added, considering that Helmut Marko said recently that he fears Mercedes because their unique concept car sometimes performs better than Red Bull. “It’s new to me. We’re almost flattered, and we’d like to share that optimism. But we’re not quite here yet.”

And they aren’t even there to talk about this year’s league prospects. Wolff says this is no longer the main problem of their season. “It’s a fact that we’re a lot behind and we need to sort this out. The rules won’t change next year, so any improvements at the moment will be important for next year. We definitely need to start better next year.”

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