“Woke” Twitter Can We Take A Nap Sometimes?

Now, let me be the first to say racism still exists, I’m #BlackLivesMatter, whole-hardheartedly against (and sick of ) cultural appropriation and proudly attend the best HBCU in the land *cough cough* The Prairie View A&M University. Now Now let me also say, growing up I attended schools that were diverse, but predominantly white and the only the only time I was in a room full of black people were on Sunday mornings at church, so I was always waiting for a moment to be with my kind. So, now that you can kind of see that I’ve lived to somewhat extent on both ends of the spectrum, lets get into what I’m really here to talk about.


This past week on twitter @makeupchelly posted the picture posted below which I believe was in hope to just be cute and spread positivity.


Never not once upon posting the picture do I ever think she meant to offend, or appropriate black culture being that she is half black herself, but others didn’t feel the same way.       


Now black twitter I love you and I support you and it’s nothing wrong with being ready on sight, but we gotta stop pouncing every chance we get! Black Twitter is supposed to do three things, inform the  uninformed, provide humor, and give buzz feed something to talk about, but we can’t do that when we do stuff like this, and for all of those reading this thinking I don’t understand

I do understand where yall coming from, and I’ve always known the black women’s head is never something to play with, but being that I JUST did the big chop myself, I’m gone take every ounce of hair positivity that gets thrown my way, drink water, keep using my shea moisture, and flourish. So, while yall over there  “staying woke” I’m taking a nap on this one, cause some of y’all were definitely reaching and fighting sleep.

Last, but certainly not least @makeupchelly I commend you for standing your ground, staying peaceful, and keeping it classy, Keep doing you boo boo! and to my black sisters on twitter stop tearing each other down and trying to differentiate yourselves from one another with “what it is and what it ain’t” the more we try to find differences in ourselves the more we distance ourselves, which is exactly what they want. That is all, be blessed.





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Rachel is a 21 year old Management Major at Prairie View A&M University and aspires to one day own her own event planning company. Rachel has a passion for community involvement and uses blogging as an outlet to voice her opinions and inform the public about topics pertaining to religion, relationships, health, beauty, fitness, music, and other "trending topics" from an open and relatable perspective. She just recently started her own website called "Don't Forget The A", a blog and a brand that encourages individuality, confidence and healthy living as well as focusing on the importance of living to make a difference through giving back and leaving a legacy. She plans to earn her Masters in Public Administration to help her advance her career in community engagement and event planning.


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