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Wizz Air employees have discovered an inexplicable luminous object

Wizz Air employees have discovered an inexplicable luminous object

UAP, that is, according to the new terminology used instead of UFO, the crew of a Wizz Air flight from England to Poland discovered an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

A strange, glowing pink object appeared above the wing of the Airbus

Wizz Air flight attendant Denisa Tanas, 36, shared a video online showing an unidentified flying object shining purple. The flight attendant captured the mysterious phenomenon with her mobile phone. The flight, with Denisa Tanas on board as flight attendant, according to that day's order, took off from London Luton Airport and was bound for Szysmany, Poland.

The unusual UAP was illuminated in pinkish-purple over the wing of a Wizz Air planeSource: Denisa Tanas / SWNS

Denisa Tanas was completely surprised when she noticed an object above the plane's right wing moving parallel to the Airbus A320 and glowing with a pinkish-purple light, which she photographed with her mobile phone. You can watch the short video below, at the end of which the mysterious luminous object appears for a few moments.

Later, when Denisa took a closer look at the recording, it seemed to her that an object of inexplicable origin was gliding across the night sky. Denisa Tanas also informed the pilots of the unidentified flying object, but according to the captain

Neither the plane's radar nor the air traffic control radar detected this strange phenomenon.

“I've been a flight attendant for a year and I've never seen anything like this.” said the flight attendant.

So far there is no explanation for what they saw

In response to this unusual phenomenon, everyone on board acted in a state of confusion, and the crew was also unable to understand the object. The pilots did not encounter any turbulence or any other unusual phenomenon during the flight when the optical phenomenon appeared next to the plane. Denisa Tanas described the UAP, or UFO as the older term is, as a circular object that flashes pink. he added: ““At first we thought maybe our pink uniform was reflected in the window, but the video clearly shows the object flying.”

Wizz Air flight attendant Denisa Tanas discovered the strange light phenomenonSource: Denisa Tanas / SWNS

Regardless of the mysterious case, the flight attendant, who has two children, was not disturbed by the sight of the strange object. It is also believed that it is impossible that he could have captured some phenomena of extraterrestrial origin by chance, but with great luck. Summarizing his thoughts about the strange incident, he said:I've seen things like this online and as an outsider I would have thought, well, this must be Photoshop, but I shot this myself“.

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